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  • Entrance Qualification for Elementary
  • Entrance Qualification for Middle School
  • Entrance Qualification for High School
  1. Dear Binus Serpong Admission Staff, Hi, I'm Andrew. I'm interested in admitting myself into Binus. I am fluent in English and used to go to ACS Jakarta International School. I'm just wondering, is it too late to take the entrance test for the 2016-2017 academic year? Cheers, Andrew Gunawan

    • Hi Andrew, Sorry for the late reply due to the public holiday. Our admission staff will assist you through serpong-admissions@binus.edu. Thank you for your interest in BINUS SCHOOL Serpong.

  2. Dear Sir / Madam. I would like to know if my child can enroll in the 2020 semester. My child came from Korea in February and is preparing to enter Indonesian International School.I know the procedure for admission. Thank you and look forward to your kind explanation.

    • Dear Mr/Mrs. Hong, Thank you for your interest in BINUS SCHOOL Serpong. You would be assisted shortly by our Admissions Staff. See you!

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