MS Curriculum

The faculty and staff of the Middle and High School warmly welcome all in our Home for Learning. This is where they will be honed to achieve their unique potential in a strong supportive environment, which amply enables them to cope with the demands of the school. Their 6-year learning journey with us will be a memorable milestone in the students’ personal growth, opening doors to placements in top local and overseas universities and ultimately success in life beyond the walls of the school.

Practical features in the Middle School include:

  • A broad range of subjects that cover local & international content. Information Communication Technology (ICT), Science, General and Social streams are offered at Grades 9 & 11 deliver a customised education for students.
  • Discovery of their aptitude & talents through exploration
  • Development of higher order thinking and analytical skills are progressively nurtured.
  • These skills are the factors for Cambridge assessment and eventual success in life.
  • Importance of self-discipline and strong moral character is emphasised
  • Student-led School Coaching Programmes (SCP) are encouraged

Planning, leadership and presentation skills are evident in various student activities, as well as class and level assemblies.

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