Early Childhood Years

The ECY seeks to build upon the creativity and the joy of discovery in every child in order to allow the positive development of each child’s potential in the formative years. The philosophy is to provide a nurturing, secure & positive educational environment so that each child will be cherished and encouraged as we celebrate every step of his or her growth and achievement in a unique way.

Our students are actively involved in a dynamic curriculum that is designed to cater to “turning on” the eight multiple-intelligences or eight kinds of “smart” found within each child; BodySmart, WordSmart, PeopleSmart, SelfSmart, ImageSmart, SoundSmart, LogicSmart, NatureSmart.


ECY Curriculum

We implement the Pearson Edexcel International Early Years Curriculum that encompasses inquiry, proactive discussions and creativity. Learning activities encourage autonomy, risk-taking, responsibility, and conflict resolution in order to provide the students with a sense of achievement. Learning is based upon exploration, observation, imitation, self-discovery, manipulation and direct experience with interesting resources.
Play is encouraged in both  indoor  and outdoor settings so that our students are able to use the environment to solve problems in an enjoyable way. Laughter and fun are parts of our learning atmosphere. The classrooms are comfortable, clean and stimulating.


Our teachers use a variety of strategies including individual, small and whole group activities, a balance between structured & non-structured experiences as well as provisions for quiet time, to cater to all learning styles and development levels. While respecting the student’s first language and encouraging the practice of Mandarin, teachers are committed to reinforce the use of English Language throughout the School.


What are the advantages of ECY?

  1. Develops skills through play-based learning: The Pearson Edexcel Curriculum, Safe Outdoor Playground, Indoor Playground, Bike Track Playground, Discovery Area, and Active Floor.
  2.  Educates the whole child: Brain, Body and Spirit.
  3.  Fun activities in a futuristic environment.
  4.  A home for integrated and interactive learning.
  5.  A community for our families and students.
  6.  Instils values that will guide children throughout their entire lives.
  7.  Daily actions to build a culture of kindness.
  8.  Active English speakers.
  9.  Promotes a love for learning to help children discover their interests and passions.
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