Kenneth Nathan Sugiarto - Middle School 7

I like BINUS SCHOOL Semarang because of its advanced facilities and good teachers and staff.I also like the diversity of of the students’ backgrounds. I am very proud to be a BINUSIAN because BINUS SCHOOL Semarang gives me the structures and opportunities to be a good student and  a better person. The first school day was really festive and exciting.

I was really excited to meet my new teachers and classmates. Our principal, vice principal, and teachers were very enthusiastic to show us the facilities around the school. The tree that we planted together, as pioneer BINUSIANS, has a really special significance to me. To me, the tree symbolizes my classmates’, the school’s, and my own growth. We may begin small. But with the light that we can get from learning well and the generous sprinkling of friendship and care, we will grow!

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