To appreciate and honor those who always ensure our school is always clean, well-maintained as well as safe, we are, the EL students went to serve our ISS and Security Guards along with their families for a day!

The gift of time is often more valuable to the receiver and more satisfying for the giver than the gift of money. We all do not have the same amount of money, but we all do have time on our hands. They have given their time to take care of our needs and our school every day so we decided to give a little time to cheer them & make their family happy.

Here it is, helped by the Grade and Class Representatives of EL 1 – 2 as well as with the PSG Moms, we could get everything ready. We saved and collected money for several months and prepared a lot of good food and parcels. Then, we invited them and their family to come over to our school and have lunch together. We opened the event with prayer and some performances from EL students. And the happiness on their faces were proof that we did a great job!

True kindness lies within the act of giving without the expectation of something in return. Let’s spread love and kindness!

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