Why BINUS SCHOOL Semarang?

Pedagogy based on Multiple-Intelligences

  • To help discover the strengths and talents of students
  • Catering student potential through their various learning styles and intelligence

Strong Focus on Academic and Co-Curricular Excellence

  • International best practices and teaching strategies are incorporated in a rigorous curriculum.
  • Emphasis is given to language performances such as debates, public speaking, and story-telling in English.
  • A varied co-curricular programme helps to enhance the character, emotional and social development of students.

Character Education

  • Every teacher and staff is dedicated to be a role model and shaper of student’s character.
  • Based on our belief in God, our passion for education, and our view of a bright future, we are committed to building and serving the nation through nurturing exemplary character, advocating innovative learning, and championing compassionate leadership.
    This commitment is reflected in the values of Bina Nusantara, which guide all of our actions:

    • S : Strive for Excellence
      We continuously do our best to achieve high quality results in every aspect of our work.
    • P : Perseverance
      We stay calm, focused, never give up, and quickly recover in overcoming challenges.
    • I : Integrity
      We are honest, transparent, sincere, and courageous in doing the right thing.
    • R : Respect
      We care for others; we value differences and contributions from every individual.
    • I : Innovation
      We encourage creative, breakthrough, and sustainable ideas to continuously improve processes in order to achieve better results.
    • T : Teamwork
      We believe in the importance of collaborative, effective, and trustful working relationships as one team.

Innovative Culture

  • BINUS SCHOOL Semarang believe that every child is an innovator at heart.
  • BINUS SCHOOL Semarang seek to ignite every student’s sparks of creativity and curiosity.
  • BINUS SCHOOL Semarang encourage a ‘think-out-of-box’ attitude.
  • BINUS SCHOOL Semarang invite students to challenge the ordinary and strive for their personal best at all times.

Best Value

  • Competitive school fees
  • Vast educational and operational resources of the successful BINA NUSANTARA Organisation

Customised Education

  • Real world learning that complements interest and talents of students.
  • Students realise their full potential and are well-prepared to achieve their  future aspirations.

Strategic Partnership & Collaborative

By partnering with top international schools such as Hwa Chong Institution (Singapore), Suzhou Foreign Language School (China), Brisbane Grammar School (Australia), Bugil Academy (South Korea), BINUS SCHOOL Semarang seeks to adopt best education practices from all around the world.

These partnerships can be seen in a variety of programmes and events throughout the school year such as, teacher professional development sessions, curriculum enhancement, student immersion programmes, student exchange programmes and strategic consultations.


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