Uniform Donation from BINUS SCHOOL Serpong to Our Friends in Flores, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia

Our ECY/EL Parent Support Group led by Ibu Christina Budiarta started the “BINUS Used Uniform Goes to Flores Drive – Aksi Berbagi Senyum” last Academic Year 2014 – 2015. This drive came about due to the number of used uniforms not being worn anymore at home as well as parents thought it would be such a waste to throw away or give them since they carry the School’s logo. When they found out that there are schools in Flores in need of uniforms, they proposed this programme to the School. The School thought of this as a win-win because unused uniforms will not go to waste as well as we are able to help others out. So the Parent Support Group under the leadership of Ibu Ira Savitri (PSG Chairperson 2014 – 2015) collected the used BINUS uniforms from parents and worked together to prepare them to be ready for sending to Flores. They had to cover up the logo and make sure that the uniforms were still in a good condition. After that, they packed the uniforms and sent them to schools in Flores.  The Schools that received the uniforms were:

  • PAUD Sint Benediktin for 25 students,
  • SD Sano Nggoang for 115 students
  • SMP Metangga for 103 students

We were able to help out a total of 243 students in all.

This Academic Year 2015 – 2016, the PSG under the leadership of our new PSG chairperson, Ibu Yuko continued this programme and involved the MSHS PSG. Since they found out that there are more students in need of help, they also reached out to sponsors. This year, they were able to give to the following schools:

  • PAUD Sint Benediktin – uniforms for 68 students
  • Labuanbajo – uniforms for 40+ students and school supplies
  • SD Sano Nggoang – uniforms for 150+ students
  • SMP Metangga – PE uniforms for 150+ students
  • SD Metangga – school supplies, water bottles and lunch boxes for 60+ students
  • SD Nunang – school supplies
  • SMP Sint Paulus Larantuka – lab coats, uniforms for 30+ students
  • Gereja Paroki Nunang – 600+ books, stationery and some snacks

We were able to provide uniforms and stationeries for 300+ students.

This programme is in itself is a very simple way of giving back and giving to those in need. Our unused uniforms have now become a sense of pride for our less privileged brothers and sisters in Flores. All these is a reflection of our BINUS SCHOOL Serpong community’s (Parents and the School) commitment to citizenship and caring for others & as part of realizing one of the visions of the school on building the Moral Character of our BINUSIANS through Service to  Community.

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