Exploring My Passion on Saving The Orangutans

Orangutans are one of the endangered animals, although their role in the sustainability of forest ecosystems is vital. What can be done?

The Orangutan status in Indonesia is currently classified as critically endangered (CR). or critically endangered. This was conveyed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). If there is no effort to save orangutans, their status may can be elevated to extinct in the wild and then extinct. Orangutans are endemic great apes that can still be found on the islands of Sumatra and KalimantanBorneo Island. The role of orangutans as ecosystem keepers in these forests is vital. This animal is even called an umbrella species. This means that if orangutans still exist, other species in the same habitat are also protected.

Passion for Orangutans…..
Michael Santoso Utomo, a grade 5F student at BINUS SCHOOL Serpong, is one who has a great concern for the survival of orangutans. Although still young, he has a great passion for getting to know more about orangutans.
“I get information about orangutans on social media accounts or the Iinternet, like Instagram,” said this says the boy who likes to photograph animals, both outdoors and at home. There are several social media accounts that he follows to get the latest information about orangutans, including the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF), Orangutan Foundation International (OFI), and International Animal Rescue (IAR). Through these accounts, Micah learns about orangutans as well as other living things related to the animal’s habitat. How to Participate ??? “I want chose to preserve orangutans because they are endangered,” Micah explained. He continued by saying that , one of the roles of orangutans is to support forest conservation. “When orangutans eat fruit, then they defecate. They remove the seeds and the seeds grow into trees. We desperately need trees, and so do other animals.” Interestingly, Micah’s parents support their child’s passion. In fact, Micah was invited to meet with wildlife activists. Micah gained a lot of sharing experience from these activists. Through them, these boys can learn more about orangutans.

According to Micah, one way to help preserve endangered animals is to spread information about them. “If you like pandas, spread the word about pandas. Tell people that pandas are endangered,” Micah said. In addition, he said that the activity of donating or donating is also very important.
“You can donate to a the foundation or collect donations to give to a particular the foundation in charge. If you are a child, instead of asking for a gift on your birthday, you can ask for the money to be donated,” and give it to donate, Micah concluded. Micah’s passion in helping save orangutans is enviable. You can also follow in his their footsteps for the sake of orangutan sustainability, forests, and the environment as a whole.


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