BINUS SCHOOL Semarang-Early Childhood Years

BINUS SCHOOL Semarang seeks to build a child’s creativity through a joyful and nourishing environment.

In BINUS SCHOOL Semarang, children are building foundation for their soft skills through daily activities and master their own feelings to support social, emotional, and cognitive development.


New student admissions for Academic Year 2022/2023 is now available!

Join us and you may be eligible to enjoy discounts for up to 60%! You may also be eligible to get ONE registration form for all the children in the family!
1. Purchase one registration form for the whole family (in one Family Card).
2. 20% Early Bird Discount.
3. 10% Scholarship for high-achievers of The Middle and High School students.
4. Up to 20% Sibling Discount.
5. 10% Group Discount with minimum 3 registrants applying at the same time.
6. 10% Discount for transfer students to grade 2.
7. 10% BINUSIAN Community Scholarship applies for registrants with a direct family member who is a BINUS Alumni or an active BINUS student.
8. The above offers are only eligible from April to June 2021 for those applying Admissions Academic Year 2022/2023.

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Semarang – 50134, Indonesia

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