BINUS SCHOOL Education | The 2nd International Young Leaders Summit (IYLS)

The 2nd International Young Leaders Summit (IYLS) took place last 09-11 November 2021. The pandemic did not stop these young leaders from top schools in 4 different countries Indonesia, China, Taiwan and Singapore to engage in academic and social discourse.

Although online, the activities allowed all student leaders to still explore their ideas regarding world issues while at the same time cultivate friendships across the globe.

This was another successful international collaboration among the 3 BINUS SCHOOLS, BINUS SCHOOL Simprug, BINUS SCHOOL Serpong and BINUS SCHOOL Bekasi

We warmly congratulate our student delegation, Zalycka Alicia Azzahra, Akmal Fattan Amanullah, Allegra Amarys Chandraruna, Glory Samantha Lie, Radite Suluh Bumi, Shadrach Mulia Djohan, Seline Leonardi, and Teuku Omar Dakari who made BINUS and Indonesia proud.

Mr Alex Rudiyanto, from BINUS SCHOOL Serpong, passionately guided the delegation in this year’s IYLS with Ms Sherrierose Garcia Gonzales as the Attending Principal for the summit, along with Ms Maria Karah Gregorio.

We look forward to having our students participate in IYLS 2022 which will be hosted by Chung Cheng High School (Yushin) in Singapore.


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