BINUS SCHOOL Semarang | 10% Scholarship Discount

Hi, Moms/Dads!

BINUS SCHOOL Semarang is ready to welcome your child with various offers of Scholarships, especially for Middle and High School students. Will your child be one of our scholarship awardees?

Here are the following requirements:
1. The student should come from the selected international and private schools as decided by BINUS SCHOOL Semarang.
2. The student should have a minimum Average Score of 8.0 and / or Exceeding Expectation (EE) as per latest Report Card.
3. The student must have a good proficiency in English.
4. The candidate must be a Student Achiever: Ex. Medal winner from prestigious local and international competitions in Sports, Visual Arts, Information Technology and Music; and/ or an Academic Achiever from any of the Academic Subjects.

The scholarship has a limited quota and can be combined with other offers.

You are also entitled to get ONE registration form for all the children in your family.

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