BINUS SCHOOL Semarang | Special Appreciation to our BINUSIAN on APYLC 2022


The thing you should know about Middle & High School is International and Global Experience.  This year’s APYLC , a part of International Students Leadership Platforms , carried the theme “Embracing Unity Valuing Diversity”. Diversity refers to the diverse of resources possessed by the world, while Unity is the world’s need to unite these resources to create harmony and development in all aspects.

Congratulations to 10 of our BINUSIANS from BINUS SCHOOL Simprug, Serpong, and Bekasi who have successfully completed APYLC 2022. A special appreciation to two of the delegates who won Best Group Awards too!

Realizing that learning can come from others, we hope that through this convention, our BINUSIANS will always be eager to learn from each other across the globe!

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