BINUS SCHOOL Semarang | Q & A – Face To Face Learning

Q: Is BINUS SCHOOL Semarang ready for face-to-face learning?

A: BINUS SCHOOL Semarang is ready for face-to-face learning. Like all the other BINUS SCHOOL Campuses, it adheres to strict safety protocols to protect the members of the school community from the ongoing pandemic. However, BINUS SCHOOL Semarang is also ready to deliver hybrid or full-online learning modality depending on the government’s directive.

Q: What form should students submit on Friday, 22 July 2022?

A: Students will be required to bring the Parent Waiver Form completed and signed by their parent/guardian and stamped with a meterai.

Q: Do students need to wear a mask?

A: Students will wear N95/KN 94 or a surgical grade mask. There should be a spare mask.

Q: Will they be required to bring hand sanitizer?

A: Yes, although the school will have hand sanitizers at strategic locations in the campus.

Q: Will students’ temperature be checked?

A: All members of the school community and guests will need to have their temperature checked at the lobbies before being admitted into the any of the building premises.

Q: Will the school conduct regular antigen test for students and teachers?

A: There is no government mandate regarding antigen tests for students at this time. For now, the antigen test is limited to teachers. Teachers will have an antigen test at the beginning of F2FL and followed by random, periodic testing thereafter.

Q: How will the school conduct strict monitoring of adherence to safety protocols?

A: Students will be supervised by the teachers all the time.

Q: Can the students be dropped off/picked up using online transportation?

A: Drop off/pick up of students will be allowed provided that the driver surrenders her/his KTP to the security personnel at the gate before entry. S/he may take it back on the way out.

Q: For safety purposes, can the school only allow those who have been vaccinated to join the limited F2F learning?

A: Currently the Ministry of Education has no policy requiring students to be fully vaccinated to attend school.

Q: Are students expected to come in full uniform?

A: Yes, including their IDs.

Q: What time should students arrive & be dismissed from school?

A: Students should arrive following the day structure. For those who arrive earlier, they will have to stay at the lobby until the gates open 15 minutes prior to CARE Time. This is to prevent students from being in the school’s premises without teacher supervision.

Q: Will the school facilities be sanitized?

A: Shared equipment and facilities will be sanitized after each use. Other school facilities will be sanitized once every two weeks. Additionally, the school will fumigate, fog & spray the facilities with insecticides.

Q: Will students engage in collaborative work?

A: Collaborative learning activities are important learning approaches at our school. Students will be given these learning opportunities under strict teacher supervision and following our safety protocols (e.g. physical distancing, wearing of masks).

Q: Can students lend school items to their friends (e.g. pen, crayon, calculator)?

A: All students will be required to be ready with their own learning materials. For health concerns, students will not be allowed to borrow or lend school items to their friends.

Q: Can the teachers’ voices be heard even if they are wearing mask while teaching?

A: The teachers’ voices can be clearly heard.

Q: Can students bring their laptops/gadgets to school?

A: MSHS Students may bring their gadgets (e.g. computer, handphone, smart watches) to school provided that these are safekept in their lockers. These may only be taken from the lockers to be used in classes where the teachers explicitly informed them ahead of time of the use of the gadgets. Please see pages 42 & 47 of the Student Handbook regarding the use of gadgets at school.

Q: Will food and drinks be available in school?

A: The cafeteria will be open, and food and drinks may be bought from there. Students are highly encouraged to bring their own tumblers and eating utensils.

Q: How much time is allowed for a student to stay in school while waiting to be picked up?

A: Ten (15) minutes in the designated waiting areas i.e.

ECY/EL   : Building A Lobby
MS/HS    : Building B Lobby

Q: What will be the school’s procedure should there be a confirmed positive case of COVID-19?

A: Please refer to the BINUS SCHOOL Semarang’s Health and Safety Protocols and COVID-19 Contact Tracing and School Closure Procedures

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