BINUS SCHOOL Semarang | ECYEL Academics and Affective Programmes

We’re happy to have shared with our parents during the Parent Information Session (PIS) on
Thursday, Aug 25,2022 on the academic and affective programmes offered at BINUS SCHOOL
Semarang. Here is an outline of the programmes:
ECYEL Academics:
1. International programme: BS Semarang applies Pearson Edexcel in ECY and Cambridge Assessment International Education in EL
2. Semester 1 Topic Outline has been shared. Semester 2 Topic Outline will be issued in December
3. BS Semarang unique subjects: Discovery Time, Life Skills, Gross Motor Skills Development
4. ECY Reading Programme: Jolly Phonics
5. EL Reading Programme: Epic!
6. Makerspace area in each ECYEL classroom
7. Learning Support Programme available
8. School events related to our academic programmes

ECYEL Affective:
1. 15-minute CARE session at the beginning of each day
2. CARE session for EL students every Friday
3. Positive discipline system: HUB (ECY) & HUBPRO (EL)
4. Practice of mindfulness
5. Students observation by Guidance Counsellor
6. School Electives
7. School Assemblies

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