BINUS SCHOOL Semarang | MSHS Parents Information Session on Academics

Last Thursday, 25 August 2022, 24 or 65% of our MSHS parents attended the Parents Information Session on Academics. At the 2-hour long session, matters pertaining to the School’s Academic Learning Programme were presented. A copy of the presentation used at the event was sent to parents.

The highlights of the presentation are found below.
1. BINUS SCHOOL Semarang uses a distinct blend of National, Cambridge, Sokrates and Affective Education curricula to foster our students’ holistic growth.
2. In order to assist the teachers and students in improving the teaching and learning process, the school gives continual formative assessments. It also measures student learning by giving summative
assessments. To help students manage academic demands, the school does not give more than 4 summative assessments in a week and 2 homework in a day. Semester exams are also given for the core subjects.
3. The school recognizes exemplary student achievement both in the academic and affective
domains. It gives out Merit Citations for laudable achievements beyond the usual requirements.
4. The requirements for promotion were discussed.
5. Because school success begins with attendance, parents are advised to adhere to the school’s attendance policy.
6. Streaming for HS10 students will be made in consideration of the students’ skills and
aptitudes, academic performance, and personal preference. Parents areencouraged to sit with their students and guide them through the process using the data shared by the school and the students’ own inputs. Lastly, the parents were enjoined to work closely with the school in the promotion of shared values so that the students can be better helped in their social and emotional growth and development. A healthy homeschool partnership redounds in better school performance for our students.

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