BINUS SCHOOL Education | BINUS SCHOOL Simprug Students at the International Conference of Aerospace Medicine, ICAM22

Congratulations to Chiara Amanda Santoso, Danniella Jasmine Soetandi and Raeya Rajiv Savur for their achievement at the International Conference of Aerospace Medicine, ICAM22 at Paris, France. Their excellent research and awesome presentation was appreciated and applauded by the distinguished scientists, professors and researchers present at ICAM22. Over the past few months they were actively involved in extracting acoustic parameters from voice samples using PRAAT software and then statistically analyzing (SA) them using IBM SPSS software under the guidance and supervision of Dr. Savita Sondhi.

All three students equally contributed as well as prepared for oral presentation at ICAM22.

Thanks to our teachers Dr. Savita Sondhi (MYP Mathematics Teacher, BINUS SCHOOL Simprug) and Dr. Rinda Hedwig (Research Interest Group Leader, Kampus Anggrek) for keeping the enthusiasm and always being focused on creating innovative research studies for the well-being of the society.

“It was an unexpected opportunity that came from Ms. Savita and nurtured into something much more than a school project. Being in Paris and interacting with prominent members of the scientific community was probably the most rewarding and fruitful part of this entire experience, and we were all very grateful to have done it together”, students said.

Looking forward to many such innovative studies in future by young Binusians.
Once again congratulations!



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