BINUS SCHOOL Semarang | Induction Programme & Team Activity

BINUS SCHOOL Semarang welcomed its pioneer batch of teachers and staff with an induction programme. Starting on the 1st of July for all new-hires and on the 4th of July for everyone, the fully packed and intense programme ran for two weeks.

It walked the participants through topics ranging from school identity, vision and mission, academic and affective programmes, and school policies. It also afforded the teachers opportunities to explore current challenges in education and review best practices in teaching, classroom leadership, and assessments. They were also upskilled on the use of Microsoft Teams, the school’s online learning

Session-speakers included members of the School’s Executive and Management Committees and a few select teachers and professors from BINUS University. Using various formats – lecture, workshop, group discussions the speakers helped the teachers appreciate the intricate aspects and qualities of BINUSIAN Education. The seasoned teachers and staff, a mix of new-hires and of BINUSIAN teachers from our sister-schools in Simprug, Serpong, and Bekasi worked on various tasks in random and in academic teams to build a strong community and culture of camaraderie and support.

The two-week programme comprising days-of-serious-inputs- and-work was capped with a full day of team-building event at Green Valley, Bandungan. It was facilitated by the BINUS Corporate Learning and Development Team that came all the way from BINUS Anggrek in Jakarta.

Teachers and staff played different fun games that highlighted the BINUS SPIRIT Values, essential components of BINUSIAN Identity. The participants all agreed that the tightly packed programme which demanded so much of their time, attention and energy, was important for the meaningful and smooth opening of BINSCHOOL Semarang.

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