BINUS SCHOOL Semarang | MS HS Vice Principal’s Message

Welcome, pioneer Semarang BINUSIANS to “the Future of Schools”, your home for learning in Semarang!

BINUS SCHOOL Semarang are delighted to have you join the big family of BINUSIANs coming from our four campuses and from over two decades since BINUS SCHOOL first opened its door in Simprug.

Those of you who sat for an interview session with me will remember that the last question I asked was, “Why do you want to come to BINUS?”. And while you all offered various answers, in the end one main idea surfaced. If I can offer a phrase that can somehow capture that main idea, it is that you want more.

The School is indeed ready to offer you more not only in terms of its facilities but also, and most importantly, in terms of your learning experiences here. There will be fun and challenging experiences awaiting you.

BINUS SCHOOL Semarang hope, that just as the School offers you more, you also do more. Every day that you come, exert yourself more so that you will leave the School greater than when you came in, becoming better and better at what you know and can do. Become a better person not in comparison with others but better and brighter today than YOU were yesterday!

Welcome, again, BINUSIANS!

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