BINUS SCHOOL Semarang | Chinese New Year Celebration

The recent Chinese New Year celebration at our school was a huge success! Our teachers incorporated the festival into various lessons, allowing students to learn about its history, significance, and cultural roots. Our students also got to showcase their creativity through Chinese-themed activities in class such as Lantern paintings in Visual Arts, calligraphy in Mandarin, and CNY e-card competition in ICT. Amita Vuvuzela Arianto from MS 7 and Alceo Rolland Mahesa from EL 1 are the winners of these competitions.
The highlight of the programme was the Chinese New Year celebration where students from all levels performed traditional music, dance, songs, and a short play before the Barongsai performance. The event was MCed by our very own talented students: Claribel Wong (HS 10), Lorenz Ferran Santoso (MS7) and Wu Hsuan Shao (EL 1). The entire community felt excited and happy about the celebration, even though it took place on a Saturday.
Incorporating Chinese New Year into our school activities was a great way to acknowledge and appreciate the diversity of cultures within our community. We are proud to have celebrated this festival and we hope to keep on promoting cultural awareness in our school as a BINUSIAN Community.



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