The MSHS students were introduced to the Generation Global (GenG) programme on 10 February 2023 during their CARE Session. Ms Allegra Kartika, Country Coordinator of the programme, joined via Zoom from London as resource speaker.

Despite the 6-hour time difference and the chilly weather in London, Ms Kartika was warmly welcomed by the students. Her presence highlighted GenG’s significance and the importance of technology in facilitating global conversations and creating connections among young people worldwide to build cultural understanding and empathy.

During the session, Ms Kartika emphasized the importance of developing cross-cultural communication skills, which can help individuals succeed in a globalized world. She also discussed how GenG provides a safe and secure platform for students to connect with their peers from different countries and learn from their diverse perspectives.

Through the programme, students will have opportunities to participate in video conferences and interact with their peers from different parts of the world. They can learn the importance of cultural awareness, tolerance, and cooperation, which are crucial values in today’s interconnected world. The programme can help empower young people to engage with global issues, broaden their perspectives, and become active and responsible citizens.

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