BINUS SCHOOL Semarang | 8 Bright Students from BINUS SCHOOL Education Head to New Zealand for APYLC 2023 to Hone Their Leadership Skills

The Asia Pacific Young Leaders Convention (APYLC) finally returned to its face-to-face activities, with St. Paul’s Collegiate School in Hamilton, New Zealand hosting from April 12-16, 2023. High school students from five different countries gathered for this event, and BINUS SCHOOL Education sent eight student representatives. These delegates are from BINUS SCHOOL Simprug, Serpong, Bekasi, and Semarang.

The APYLC had the theme of “Beauty in Outdoors” which provides an opportunity for students to hone their leadership skills through various activities. These included outdoor activities and group discussions with other students from different schools coming from New Zealand, Japan, China, and Taiwan.

Through this forum, delegates from BINUS SCHOOL Education also had the opportunity to learn about new cultures while introducing Indonesian culture to the other delegations. In addition, APYLC is also a platform to establish global connections for the future.

President of BINUS SCHOOL Education, Michael Wijaya Hadipoespito, stated that programs such as APYLC greatly enrich the learning process of BINUS SCHOOL students, especially in opening up new insights and experiences that are expected to be impactful to society.

“This year, we once again represented Indonesia in APYLC. This program is also in line with our three pillars of education in nurturing exemplary character, innovative learning, and compassionate leadership,” said Michael.


Through APYLC, Michael continued, ‘BINUS SCHOOL Education also has the opportunity to introduce and present the profile of BINUS SCHOOL to schools around the world.’

The APYLC is a platform for students from several countries to gather and exchange ideas, to foster leadership qualities that can solve various problems, both local and global.

One of the delegates from BINUS SCHOOL Education, Louisa Aretha, a grade 11 student at BINUS SCHOOL Serpong, expressed gratitude for being part of the APYLC delegation.

“We gained many new experiences during our participation in APYLC, from workshops, breakout groups, and other activities that are definitely different from what we normally encounter. We also met many other participants from various countries, which was a very inspiring experience,” said Louisa.

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