BINUS SCHOOL Semarang | BINUS SCHOOL Semarang celebrated the International Day of Mathematics

BINUS SCHOOL Semarang celebrated the International Day of Mathematics (IDM) on the 14th of March 2023. The event aimed to promote the importance of mathematics in solving global challenges, such as inequality and sustainability, and to encourage students of all levels to develop an appreciation and passion for mathematics in diverse fields of study.
The event showcased the beauty and significance of mathematics in our everyday lives and involved students in the process. The event was tailored to each level of education. For Early Childhood Years (ECY) students, the activity focused on creating artworks reflective of the concepts discussed in mathematics class. The activity helped them understand the visual representation of numbers and mathematical concepts.
For Elementary Level (EL) students, the activity involved performing mental mathematics, which is a crucial skill in problem-solving and critical thinking. The students were challenged to perform calculations in their heads, demonstrating their understanding of mathematical operations.
For Middle School and High School (MS-HS) students, the event was designed as a Scavenger Hunt. The students were divided into teams that performed various challenges, solved problems using mathematical concepts in algebra, geometry, and statistics. The activity was designed to encourage students to work collaboratively, improving their teamwork and problem-solving skills.

Celebrating the International Day of Mathematics is an excellent way to inspire students to pursue further education in mathematics and other STEM fields, as it shows the importance of mathematics in their daily lives and the beauty of this essential subject.

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