Citizenship Program

The “Buddy Programme” and the “Intensive Coaching Programme”, which were part of the citizenship program, have already been completed on 29 September 2023. All teachers who joined the program in Academic Year 2023/2024 accompanied by Senior Buddy and Coach have successfully completed the program. In addition, Standard Competencies for Teachers, which is part of the citizenship program, was scheduled to take place from September to November 2023. Two topics have been covered so far, which are “Classroom Management” and “Active Cooperative Collaborative Learning”. The “Classroom Management” topic was intended for new teachers and facilitated by Mr. Fabien Jean Etienne Rousselot. The “Active Cooperative Collaborative Learning” topic was led by Ms. Heny Marwati, Mr. Jeffrey De Castro Barrera and Mr. Erwin Resada Montojo. It was attended by all ECY/EL and MS/HS teachers.

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