ECY Assembly on TEAMWORK

On a sunny day in September 2023, our school held a special assembly for the ECY students on teamwork. It was a day filled with awards, games, and a great story. We began by congratulating 31 students for their hard work and achievements in various competitions. They showed us that with effort, we can achieve great things. Then, we played games to learn about teamwork. ECY 1 passed a ball to see how well they could work together. ECY 2 had fun with a balloon challenge, learning to trust each other. ECY 3 stacked paper cups into tall pyramids, showing that teamwork makes big things possible. But the highlight of the event was the magical world story by our teachers, Ms. Lanny, Ms. Indah, Ms. Yumna, and Mr. James, who told us a wonderful story about an elephant and a monkey. It taught us that when we work together and use our unique talents, we can do amazing things. We all also received pins to remind us the importance of teamwork. The ECY Assembly on September 26, 2023, showed us that when we work together, we can achieve great things. Teamwork is a BINUS SPIRIT value which we will always remember and emulate in our daily lives

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