Empowering Parents: Affective Education Information Session

The School conducted a Parents Information Session (PIS) on 15 September 2023. The PIS focused on the School’s Affective Education Programme that was designed to equip parents with valuable tools and knowledge to support their child’s emotional well-being and personal development.

The first session focused on the School’s Values Framework, providing a comprehensive overview of our Affective Education programmes. This exploration
highlighted our approach to nurturing the students’ holistic growth, offering parents a deeper understanding of the strategies employed within the School’s educational framework.

The second session featured Dr. Augustina Sulastri, an esteemed practitioner and professor of Psychology. Dr. Sulastri shared invaluable insights and practical
strategies during her presentation on “Enhancing Teen Well-being: Navigating Challenges and Fostering Resilience.” Her expertise provided parents with essential tools to navigate the various challenges faced by teenagers while promoting their resilience. This unique opportunity strengthened the vital partnership between the school and parents, ensuring the comprehensive well being and development of our students

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