On Teachers

Internal Trainings
1 September 2023 was a valuable opportunity for BINUS School Semarang to receive a visit from Ms. Sherrierose Garcia Gonzales (BINUS School Education Director) and Mr. Ang Wee Hiong (Vice President of BINUS SCHOOL Education). During their visit, they shared their experiences with teachers in Semarang in a workshop on the topic of “Driving Academic Excellence with Best Practices in the Subject Areas”. The teachers participated actively in group discussions and listened actively to the speakers’ presentations.

“The Art and Craft of School Leaders” is another internal training program that is currently being offered to school leaders. Nine school leaders from all BINUS Schools are participating in this oneyear program, including Mr. Erwin representing BINUS SCHOOL Semarang. Mr. Isaac (Principal of Binus School Simprug) facilitated some sessions of the program in September on the topic of
Curriculum Excellence.

A BINUS Teacher Certification Workshop also held last September. On 26 September 2023, a workshop titled “Assessing Student Learning” was delivered by Ms. Jyoti Gupta (MYP Coordinator BINUS School Simprug). Ms. Heny Marwati and Mr. Agus Mastur Wahyudi attended as the workshop participants.

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