The Magical World of Stories: Story telling by Parents

The Magical World of Stories is an event held by the LRC in celebration of the literacy month in September 2023. The school invited parents to tell stories to our students. The activity was held at the Amphitheatre area. The purpose of this activity is to promote bonding and to strengthen the relationship between parents and children, help the students learn to pay attention, and spark children’s imagination and curiosity.

The students were very happy to have the experience of listening the stories from the parents. The parents were also happy to have the opportunity to share the stories with the students. Some parents brought their own storybooks and prepared the property for their stories. At the end, the parents gave the small gifts to the students.

We would like to thank and appreciate parents who have contributed to this event:
18 September 2023
• Ibu Cintyadewi Wignjosoesastro (Mom of Rafael Gondowardoyo ECY 3B)
19 September 2023
• Ibu Erin Herinawati (Mom of Hanif Ibrahim Setyadi ECY 1A)
20 September 2023
• Ibu Lavi Marcheliena (Mom of Lionell Tan Wibowo ECY 2A)
• Bapak Samuel Jeffrey Christiawan Soegeng (Father of Mary Louise Soegeng ECY 3A)
21 September 2023
• Ibu Vi In Jap (Mom of Nicolette Tan EL 1B)
27 September 2023
• Ibu Putriana Onasiya Rizkiwardani (Mom of Ashira Kamila Ardani ECY 2A)
17 October 2023
• Ibu Arlinda Dwi Ayu Anjali (Mom of Yukio Aghnia Lin Julio from ECY 2B)

We do hope that many more parents will be willing to volunteer in this programme in the near future.

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