Unique MSHS Upacara Bendera and Celebration of Excellence

On September 12, 2023, the Middle and High School conducted its first division-wide Uparaca Bendera, setting a new tradition in motion. The ceremony marked a new approach to sponsorship. Beginning this year, each flag ceremony will be hosted and sponsored by a class, fostering a greater sense of  student leadership, responsibility, and involvement in the assembly. The honour of inaugurating this initiative fell to the HS11A class, who not only led the assembly but also organized and sponsored the event along under the supervision of Mr Nur and Ms Heny.

During the assembly, students were treated to an inspiring talk on the pursuit of excellence by Ms. Linda. Beyond the formal flag-raising rituals, the ceremony provided an opportunity to celebrate students’ achievements in various competitions. Mr. Erwin, the MSHS Vice Principal, encouraged students to actively seek out competitions aligned with their interests and participate in them. He emphasized that while the school offers students numerous competition opportunities, it cannot cater to the diverse range of interests students may have.

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