Alternative Classes

Alternative Classes 2023: Learning beyond the books, beyond academics

Think about your not-so-usual day in an ordinary school day – for two days!

Last 27–28 November 2023, BINUS SCHOOL Semarang’s MSHS Department stirred up the interest of students with the launch of its pioneer special programme called “Buzz Life: Going Beyond the Books, Beyond Academics.” Buzz Life is an alternative class programme which created an atmosphere of fun, excitement, and learning from a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities, – from mastering the art of fishing at the nearby beach to understanding the intricacies of power dressing, from exploring the world of digital arts to delving into the nuances of love languages and teen relationships. Essentially, it explored non-conventional and experiential approaches to learning new and transferable skills and discover their passions and career paths. It also reinforced the school’s SPIRIT values that form the core of our educational philosophy.

For two days, MSHS students were busy as a bee making their way into their chosen indoor and outdoor activities. The outdoor events

included swimming, fishing, biking adventure, yoga, outdoor cooking, nature painting, nature photography, and car engine troubleshooting. The indoor sessions covered topics on navigating body changes, understanding teen relationship and love languages, internet video making, cosplaying, teen fashion, and online gaming adventures. The school offered something for every interest.

The programme was implemented in close collaboration with school staff and external partners, who were mobilized as experts or resource persons to conduct the activities.

In the end, the programme hopes to prepare students to become proactive, agile, and adaptive for the complex, unpredictable, changing world.

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