BLYS 2023

BINUS SCHOOL Semarang students were filled with energy from 26-28 of August 23023 as the BINUS School Young Leaders Summit (BYLS) 2023 unfolded. This event brought together young leaders from different schools to collaborate and share ideas.

A standout project came from students of BINUS School Semarang. They presented a plan to tackle the negative effects of social media on youth. Their project, set to roll out on 15 September 15, 2023, aims to make online spaces safer for young people.

The summit wasn’t just about one project. It was a chance for attendees to discuss serious issues like mental health, cyberbullying, and false information. Workshops and discussions helped students learn and think critically.

What made the summit unique was the teamwork. Students from schools like Cikal Amri, Athalia, Tzu Chi, BINUS School Simprug, BINUS School Serpong, BINUS School Bekasi, and of course, BINUS School Semarang, worked together. They shared ideas and experiences, making the event a hub of creative thinking.

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