Christmas Programme

Our school celebrated the Christmas Programme with a blast on Friday, 8 December – the last day of school for students and teachers. It was not merely an advance celebration of the birth of Jesus for the Christian communities but also of the end of the first semester Academic Year 2023/2024.

The special celebration started and ended with prayers by students, a short greeting by Ms. Elsie, a short talk on the theme: “PEACE be With You”, by Fr. Triatmoko, from St. Michael Church, worship songs by the GBI Crown Christian Choir, student performances, Javanese Santa Clauses’ gift-giving and quiz activity with prizes and sharing of food by the BINUSIAN community through the kindness and generosity of the Parent Support Group (PSG) through the leadership of Ibu Irena, as Chairperson.

Thank you to Mr. Nando as PIC of the event, assisted by Mr. Agung. Special thanks to the PSG Officers for their endless support for the school events. Wishing all HAPPY HOLIDAYS! God bless us all!

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