ECYEL Concert

On 6 December 2023, the ECYEL division orchestrated a resounding success with its ECYEL Year-end Concert, an enchanting event that showcased the immense talent and dedication of both students and teachers. The theme for this spectacular Year-end Concert was ‘A Journey of Music’, coming from the philosophy that each performance from every class symbolized their journey, experience, and highlight during the first semester.

In the weeks leading up to the event, an air of anticipation and excitement enveloped the ECYEL division as students and teachers poured their hearts and souls into perfecting their respective performances. The dedication of the participants was evident in the execution and creativity displayed on stage.

The venue pulsated with energy as parents eagerly awaited the moment to witness their children’s artistic talent. The venue was teeming with proud parents, creating an atmosphere charged with enthusiasm and familial pride.

The performances were a diverse blend of talents, each class presenting a distinctive performance of their musical journey.

The extraordinary talents weren’t confined to the students alone; the teachers surprised everyone with a special performance of ‘A Whole New World,’ adding a delightful touch of excitement to the concert.

The grand finale was a heartwarming gesture from all the ECYEL students as they joined forces to perform the ‘BINUS Kindness Song’. This beautiful rendition served as a reminder that, throughout the journey of the first semester, the ECYEL students were not only encouraged to excel in their academic pursuits but also to embody and practice kindness.

In conclusion, the ECYEL Year-end Concert ‘A Journey of Music’ was not just a musical extravaganza; it was a celebration of talent, dedication, and the spirit of kindness that defines the ECYEL students.

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