MS & HS Friendly Matches

The STINGERS, our MSHS Basketball team, had the opportunity to showcase their skills after one semester of practicing basketball. We invited SMKN 7 Semarang and SMPN 43 to have friendly matches with oir students. On Thursday, 11 November 2023, at 4 PM, the MS STINGERS had their game against SMPN 43. Congratulations to our MS STINGERS as they emerged victorious with a score of 13:6, with Lolo as the leading scorer. Special thanks to our coach, Okky, who ignited the team’s performance, securing the win. Unfortunately, due to rain after the MS game, we had to postpone the one for the HS.

On 30 November 2023, the HS STINGERS re-invited SMKN 7. Led by our SC President Rayhaan, the STINGERS learned a valuable lesson – we need more practice as we lost 7:33. Our team was outnumbered, with only 8 members playing. A complete basketball team requires at least 12 players. We hope to recruit more members for the Basketball elective next year to build a stronger team.

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