MSHS Sabbaticals

Students from MSHS embarked on a thrilling journey to Solo for their first Sabbatical Trip on 6th and 7th December 2023. Their first stop was Heritage Village, a captivating museum showcasing the history of the city through captivating 3D photography. Next, they delved into the world of batik at the renowned Museum Danar Hadi, where they were mesmerized by the intricate designs and rich history of this traditional fabric. A visit to the majestic Keraton Solo Hadiningrat provided a glimpse into the opulent past of Javanese royalty, with its collection of ancient artifacts offering captivating insights into the cultural heritage of the region. Finally, they immersed themselves in the fragrant world of essential oils at Taman Atsiri Indonesia. Learning about the various plants used in their creation, witnessing the distillation process firsthand, and exploring the Atsiri Museum’s fascinating collection of artifacts solidified their understanding of this unique Indonesian industry. Beyond the educational aspect, the trip was a catalyst for camaraderie, fostering strong bonds, developing personal characters and lasting memories among the MSHS students as they explored the wonders of Solo together.

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