Nabila’s Poems


Beneath a flickering, dim-lit shroud

In joints, the grip of grim avowed

Dug too deep, drowning in the rush

Concrete thoughts, a relentless hush

Indifference cold, head submerged in grace

Seeking balance, bugs unfound in the race

A sorrowful narrative of unjust woe

Unravels before us, as the dance foretold

Comfort’s Dread

Peeking through a box, the light they see

Mere illustrations suggest a world that flees

Afraid to leave, clinging to the known

Comfort’s embrace keeps them on their own

Lingering on the edge, torn in thought

Between the comfort known and the unknown sought

Peeking through the cracks, glimpses of the day

In the box or beyond, which path will they sway?

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