PD Sessions

“The Art and Craft of School Leaders” is an internal training program that is currently being offered to school leaders. Nine school leaders from all BINUS Schools participated in this one-year program, including Mr. Erwin representing BINUS SCHOOL Semarang. Ms. Sherrierose Garcia Gonzales facilitated some sessions of the program in 3 & 17 November 2023 on the topic of Leading People I and II. 

4 December 2023 was a valuable opportunity for ECYEL Co Teachers to have Ms. Nur Sitha Afrilia, S.S., M.S (Bahasa Indonesia Lecturer and Duta Bahasa Mentor). She shared her experiences with teachers in in a workshop on the topic of “CBI Fonik Workshop: Prafonik Level”. The teachers participated actively in discussions and listened actively to the speakers’ presentations. They get updates on the use and updated phonics methods and also guidance on the use of Bahasa Indonesia in the school environment.

English Dynamic Placement Test was also held on 5 and 7 December 2023. All teachers took this test to determine their level of English proficiency, and BINUS School Semarang is committed to developing teachers through English language training which will be held in early 2024. 

BINUS School Education collaborated with BCL&D and Pearson arranged Focused Group Discussion for Teacher’s Coordinator. The FGD held on 6 December 2023, a FGD titled “Pearson Edexcel” was delivered by Mr. Ali Aljufri (Pearson Academic Manager). Ms. Korie Kartikasari M. Toelle and Mr. Fabien Jean Etienne Rousselot attended as participants.

During the month of November, BINUS School Semarang arranged for an opportunity for teachers to learn from other Teachers in Standard Competency for Teachers Program, a program which took place on 3 and 10 November 2023. Ms. Ari Novita Sari as a facilitator for “Basic Counseling Skills” and for “Assessment Essentials: A Refresher” topic facilitated by Mr. Erwin Resada Montojo, Mr. Jeffry De Castro Barera, Ms. Ma Teresa Infante De Guzman.

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