Student Council Election and Investiture

BINUS SCHOOL Semarang just had its elections for its new set of MSHS Student Council Leaders. The event was preceded by a Filing of candidacy, formation of their political parties, and campaigns!

Out of a total of 109 MSHS students, 35 or 32% of the students offered to put themselves in the service of their peers! This is commendable! Our students want to be servant-leaders! We note this and affirm that with the school’s Leadership Development Programme, student leadership and growth do not have to be dependent only on elective Student Council positions. Our students will get diverse opportunities to actively contribute to positive change.

The elections were conducted electronically using MS Forms. It made the process quicker and the results highly dependable. Students were only able to vote once using their BINUSIAN email address. Where no winner by a majority vote (50% + 1 of votes cast) was determined at the primary vote, a runoff election of the two candidates with the highest votes was conducted.

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