Upacara Bendera Speeches

Forget the swords and shields of traditional heroes. This National Heroes’ Day, BINUS students are waging a different kind of battle, armed with self-awareness and coping mechanisms to conquer the complexities of their own emotions. They’re learning to identify and express feelings like happiness, sadness, and even the nuanced hum of grumpiness. This journey of self-discovery isn’t just about words; BINUS provides students with a toolkit for emotional mastery. Mindful breathing exercises become shields against overwhelming anxieties, while stress balls offer a friendly squeeze of comfort. Sometimes, even a shared hug or a bite of a soothing snack can turn the tide of a tumultuous inner storm.

Of course, these heroes don’t fight alone. BINUS fosters a supportive army of teachers, parents, and the wider community who stand as allies in this emotional battlefield. This network of encouragement ensures students have a safe space to express their vulnerabilities and learn from each other. So, while we celebrate the heroes of the past, let’s also raise a toast to the heroes of the future emerging from BINUS classrooms, equipped to face the world with resilience and empathy, one conquered emotion at a time.

By: Ms. Elmy Melani

Beyond Grades: Building Character for a Lifetime of Success

(By: Mr. Faesal Amri)

Good morning,

Imagine if we, as students, are part of an orchestra playing the symphony of life. On the stage, it’s not just ourselves being showcased, but a grand painting of the lifelong successes we are creating. Today, I want to take us all on this journey, where it’s not only the high notes that build harmony but also our characters that mark the beauty of the music of our lives.

We all know that academic values are like notes in a score. But what if I told you that these grades are just a small part of the whole symphony of our lives? Like a wise conductor, let’s focus on more than just getting an A or the highest grade and shift our attention to the melody of life that shapes our true character.

If each subject is an instrument in our hands, then kindness is the beautiful melody that flows from every movement of our hands. It’s

like the gentle touch of a violin adding softness to our symphony. Acts of kindness we cultivate in our daily lives, such as helping a classmate or assisting those in need, are what make our melody special.

Perseverance and resilience, oh, how beautiful it is when we see it as a strong rhythm in the song of life. Like a steady and unwavering beat, our perseverance is what keeps us going even when challenges arise. Like an acoustic guitar that remains simple but provides profound strength to the harmony.

Now, imagine spirit as the echoing melody in our souls. Our spirit is the voice that propels us to chase dreams, to explore every nuance of life. Like a mesmerizing melody, our spirit is what makes our lives so passionate.

Creativity, friends, is the improvisation that brings new colours to the symphony of our lives. Like a pianist playing with unexpected tones, our creativity is what makes us unique. Don’t be afraid to improvise, because in every uncertainty, there is a new beauty to be found.

Then, there is resilience. It’s like strong notes in the symphony of our lives facing storms and bad weather. Our resilience makes us keep playing, even when tough situations hit. As part of this orchestra, our resilience is the courage to continue the melody despite challenges.

In the end, we are all conductors of our own symphony of life. Don’t just focus on finding the perfect notes; let our characters be the key in creating the beauty of this musical life. Just like a beautiful orchestra, it is not only about high notes but also the lovely combination of each instrument played with heart.

Success isn’t just about the perfect scores; it’s about the harmony of our true selves (kindness, resilience, passion, and creativity).

Thank you and may we all play the symphony of our lives with the beauty of true character. Happy playing!

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