World Mathematics Invitational

BINUS SCHOOL Semarang proudly celebrated the achievements of its students who participated in the prestigious 11th World Mathematics Invitational (WMI) held in South Korea from 13-19 July 2023. The international competition, founded by Taiwan, brought together institutes and organizations from around the world that were dedicated to promoting and popularizing mathematics. The event not only fostered healthy competition but also encouraged cultural exchange and the expansion of students’ horizons.

Amidst fierce competition from math enthusiasts representing their respective countries, the BINUS SCHOOL Semarang team showcased their exceptional talent and mathematical prowess, leaving a mark on the global stage. The students’ participation in this international event has not only broadened their worldview but also given them a unique opportunity to experience different cultures, paving the way for a brighter future.

We take immense pride in announcing that all three BINUS SCHOOL Semarang participants returned with well-deserved accolades. The following outstanding students emerged with different competition prizes:

Nicole Eleora Purwobintoro (HS11A) – Bronze Medal

Kenneth Jonathan Susanto (HS11A) – Merit Prize

Marco Leonard Tang (MS8A) – Merit Prize

These exceptional students have not only made their school proud but have also exemplified the remarkable potential and talent that BINUS SCHOOL Semarang nurtures within its student body. Their achievements served as an inspiration to their peers and showcased the dedication and hard work put in by both the students and their coach, Mr. Nursupriatna.

BINUS SCHOOL Semarang is a relatively new institution, celebrating only its second year since its inception. Despite being in its infancy, the school has already proven its commitment to providing exceptional education and creating an environment that encourages students to excel in various fields, including mathematics.

The students’ achievements at the 11th World Mathematics Invitational highlight the school’s commitment to fostering excellence and nurturing talent among its students. BINUS SCHOOL

Semarang congratulates these outstanding individuals for their well- deserved triumphs and wishes them continued success.

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