IYLS Testimonies

My mind still swims with the wonder of it all. To stand as a delegate from Semarang, representing Indonesia to the eyes of the world – it was a dream beyond imagining, yet here I am. This is one of my biggest achievements in my life, and im very gratefull for the opportunities that the school gave me. IYLS was a life changing experience that will affect my whole life for years to come.

IYLS wasn’t just a conference; it was a crash course in global understanding. Through interactions with participants from diverse backgrounds, I witnessed firsthand the fascinating tapestry of human thought, speech, and behavior. Day one thrust us into cross-cultural groups, forcing us to gniting a whirlwind of communication. Language barriers? We built bridges with laughter, shared jokes adapted on the fly, and a contagious sense of fun. My familiarity with Indonesia allowed me to become a mini-ambassador, sharing local insights and even treating my new global friends to Indonesian drinks (since navigating foreign currency proved a minor hurdle!). The ultimate reward? Being crowned “Most Caring” – a testament to the bonds forged in this melting pot of cultures.

The second day was way different. Our skill, our knowledge and our mental ability was tested . It was the time for us to make a final presentation about what we learnt the day before. I didn’t get much sleep because I was too busy doing the presentation. If the day before was spent visiting many places, the second day was all about teamwork. We were stuck with our school teams in BINUS Simprug doing our task.

Finally, the day that really scared me the most arrived – presentation on the last day. I was not ready to present because, to be honest, I’m scared to talk in public. But my fellow BINUS Simprug friend, the volunteers, helped me build my confidence and I’m very thankful because I managed to do it. Later we got the award of being The Best in Communication and Delivery. At last, all the hard work had paid off. I was very happy but, at the same time, sad because it’s the last day and I need to leave the following day. Our last words with the other delegates were not good byes; instead we said, “See you in the future.”

The IYLS was a fantastic experience that I truly enjoyed. It opened my eyes to different cultures and highlighted the importance of teamwork in various activities. Even though there were challenging times, like feeling exhausted and tackling the task of coming up with ideas and doing research, it taught me valuable lessons about the impact of good and bad mental health.

I cherished the opportunity to experience different cultures through acting and dancing, especially being mesmerized by the Japanese students’ dance that brought everyone together on stage – it was truly incredible. A visit to the Meta headquarters further broadened my perspective. Discussions about how Meta and AI technology could make the world better and how diversity sparks innovation were particularly fascinating.

Reflecting on it, if given the chance, I’d gladly do it again. Not because it was always a walk in the park, but because I want to share this joy with others. I don’t want to keep this experience to myself; I want others to enjoy it just like I did. It’s more than a memory – it’s a story I’m eager to tell, an inspiration for others to embark on their own unique journeys, explore, and grow.

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