Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year Celebration
The Chinese New Year Celebration
was held on 16th February at the ECY

Playground in Building A. Prior to themain celebration, there were preevents for ICT & Visual Arts. A few ofthe activities were ecard making,Chinese paper lantern and dragondancing crafts.


The theme was: “The Year of the Dreams.” The main event featured
the PSG Officers’ greeting through a
pantun. There was also a Karate
performance, singing and dancing by

students, teachers and staff, role
playing of the history of the Chinese
New Year, and a medley from the
ECY to the HS levels. The barongsai
performance at the end of the show
was the grand finale. The studentswere all enthusiastic about watching

and giving them their angpao. Most
of the student body participated in
the said programme which
contributed to the hype of the event.
Moreover, the PSG organized a fund
raising for 2 days (Feb 15 & 16)
where a variety of foods and drinks
were enjoyed by the BINUSIAN
Community. We are grateful to the
PIC, Mr. Nur , Mr. Agus and the
CAMMP Team, Ms. Shirley and Ms.
Josephine, our Mandarin teacher and
all who participated in this year’s CNY

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