Fruitful Friday – Wellness Starts at Home with SMC Telogorejo

To strengthen our school community
and support parents in the area,
BINUS SCHOOL Semarang, with the
support of the Marketing &
Admissions Department, successfully
organized a special event for the first
Fruitful Friday in 19 January 2024.
During the event, Ibu Woro gave
valuable insights and tips to enhance
the well-being of the family through
mindful parenting practices at home.
Our parents discussed and talked
about the critical role of parents in
shaping the physical, emotional, and
mental well-being of their children to
make a positive family vibe at home.
This event is an excellent opportunity
to connect with other parents, share
experiences, and gain valuable
resources to navigate the joys and
challenges of parenting in the
present moment.

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