Periodic Health Checks EL 2 and EL 3

Periodic health checks are a series of
health checks that aim to identify
school children’s health problems
early so that action can be taken as
quickly as possible to avoid worse
conditions. Periodic health checks for
children include:
– Check vital signs
– Assessment of nutritional status
– Personal hygiene check
– Vision and hearing examination
– Dental and oral health checks

Lebdosari Community Health
Center’s periodic health inspection
program collaborated with BINUS
SCHOOL Semarang held on
February 5, 2024. This activity was
aimed at EL 2 and EL 3 students to
take part in the examination which
was carried out in the Indoor
Playground Building B. The children
were enthusiastic in taking part and
the results of the examination are
good, but there are some children
whose personal hygiene need to be
paid attention to. Having regular
health checks helps nurses and
teachers to remind children and
parents to always maintain personal
hygiene so that no problems arise.

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