Training for Nannies – First Aid Action for Kids

On 26 January 2024, in the Mini Hall,
at Building A, a First Aid Action
Training event for Children was held.
The first Aid Action Training for
Children for Nannies was conducted
by Ms. Fitria, our nurse at BINUS
SCHOOL Semarang. This activity
aims to increase the knowledge and
skills of nannies in helping children.
Ms. Fitria provided first aid materials
for injuries and choking. In this
training, the nurses explained the
types of wounds, how to care for
wounds, proper nutrition to make
wounds heal quickly, games, myths
or facts about wounds, first aid
methods when choking, first steps
when a child is choking, and how to
handle and prevent children from
choking. The nurse appointed one of
the nannies to practice how to
properly care for the wound with the
first aid kit provided. They also
demonstrated how to handle a child
when choking. The nannies were
very enthusiastic about participating
in the training. Their curiosity did not
prevent them from asking their
queries during the question and
answer session. The Nannies felt
happy because they got useful
information which they can apply in
their jobs as caretakers of the young

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