Alumni Testimonials

Pascal Setiadi

Class of 2013

Business Administration (Conc. Finance) at Simon Fraser University

“Binus School Serpong helped me to change to become a better individual with higher integrity. With the help of the teachers and other staff, I am now more confident in dealing with real life situations, even outside of academics.”

Alroy Syadavirya Soeparto

Finance at Loyola Marymount University

“Binus School Serpong delivers a high standard of education which prepares me for my early year in college/university. Their teachers are passionate to teach and more than welcome to help me with my subject and any questions. I was active as Kart race driver during my Middle-School and High-School years. I have to say lots of thanks to Binus to always support me on my racing career in National and Asian Championship. With that, I was able to get a quality education and racing career at the same time.”

Class of 2009
Studying Industrial Engineering, BINUS University

Being the first batch of a brand new school is not as easy or fun as it sounds like. We had to be extra aware of what would be happening everyday as we were the pioneers of the new school. However, BINUS SCHOOL Serpong was a great school to attend to — despite all the challenges, there were plenty of joyful and precious moments during my 3 years High School period. With all these going on, I have met lots of awesome friends that to this day I still have conversations with. I would definitely won’t forget all the memories from the wonderful teachers, cheerfull events, and unstoppable laughter that we had during my study in BINUS SCHOOL.

Class of 2010
Studying Travel Industry Management – Hawaii Pacific University, USA

Lots of programs and activities in BINUS made the whole experience beyond just a typical high school days. Sabbatical days cleared up our minds after long stressful examinations and brought the students a lot closer. Teachers and Staff Appreciation Day and Recognition Day taught us to appreciate our schoolmates, teachers and staffs more. The immersion programs we joined exposed us to lots of opportunities in the world outside. The competitions we joined, either sports or academics encouraged students to sharpen our skills and talents as well as to challenge us to the communities outside school. I’ve grown so much more than I’d ever thought I would be in BINUS SCHOOL Serpong. I’m so grateful that I went to this school and took all the opportunities presented to me. My years in BINUS have really prepared me for my future and university life.

Prinka Anandawardhani C
Class of 2013

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