High School Academic Key Points

About GCE International A Level and Advanced Subsidiary (AS) Level

  • Its high profile amongst English-medium schools around the world.
  • Its reputation as a rigorous programme that encourages high academic standards.
  • Provides in-depth knowledge & life-long skills that are excellent preparation for employment.
  • Offers students a flexible course of study that gives them freedom to select the subjects that are right for them.
  • Its acceptance by universities and colleges worldwide as a reliable record of students` attainment that can count towards entrance requirements.
  • International GCE A Level is a ‘gold` standard qualification with an excellent reputation
  • It has exactly the same value in admitting students to all universities as its UK equivalent. It is also accepted as an entry qualification by universities of the European Union, on a par with the UK GCE A Level, French Baccalaureate, the German Abitur, etc.
  • Good grades at A & AS Level can result up to 1 full year of advanced standing or credit at universities in the USA & Canada.

National Curriculum

  • Our Grade 9 and Grade 12 students sit for the annual UNBK where they are prepared for all required subjects.

Subject Groups

  • Group A: Mathematics & Sciences
  • Group B: Languages
  • Group C: Arts & Humanities

Credits and Grades

  • Subject studied at AS Level – 1 credit
  • Subject studied at A Level – 2 credits
  • Recommended for students – to take enough subjects to earn 6 credits.
  • Grades – A to E

Please see www.cie.org.uk for more information

  1. I saw a job vacancy as MS-HS English Teacher at Careerbuilder.com yet I don't quite find it's comfort to apply from that web. May I know the email of HRD so that I could send it directly? Thanks in advanced.

    • Dear Cory, Please email your cv and other documents to hc-recruitment@binus.edu. Good luck!

  2. Hi.... May i know the school email ? For Binus Simprug and Bekasi too... Thanks

    • Dear Ms. Ifa, May I know for what purpose Miss? thank you.

  3. excuse me, did binus highschool have chinese language as subject that have to be taken? thank you

    • Dear Ms. Chatarina, Thank you for your interest in BINUS SCHOOL Serpong. Our admission staff will assist you through serpong-admissions@binus.edu. We will hold an Open House on this Saturday, Sept 17, at 9-11 am. You are welcomed if you could make it Miss. thank you.

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