Students Council

BINUS SCHOOL offers its students many opportunities to enhance their leadership skills as well to foster their active involvement in various school events.

The Student Council (SC) is one of the opportunities available to them. Student council led by president and vice president that will represent all ECY/EL and MS/HS student body. Various committees are formed and members selected as well. In the selection process, Academic Standards, Leadership Qualities, Alignment with School Vision and Mission, and students’ interest were all taken into consideration. Their active involvement and initiatives add to the rich learning experience of BINUS SCHOOL Semarang.

We are able to raise a total of Rp 91,572,791 which will be donated to XS Project, Rachel House, Taman Bacaan Pelangi and Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN). Additionally, we also donating Rp 5,000,000 each to RSUD Kota Tangerang and Kampung Belajar New Normal. Check out this video to see our achievements throughout the year!




In preparation for the smooth transitioning of the leadership of the SC to a new set of student leaders, candidates for the Executive Council campaigned to their peers at an assembly. They highlighted their understanding of the positions that they are aspiring for as well as the personal strengths that they wish to offer to the students.

MSHS Student Council organized BeeFest event where the aim of the event was to provide our MSHS student entrepreneurs with a platform to offer their products and services to the school community. Furthermore, this event becomes a platform to showcase their entrepreneurial spirit as well as enhancestudents a sense of innovation, responsibility, and civic duty.


EL Student Council: Investiture Ceremony. Our Oath : “We Student Council of BINUS SCHOOL, promise to be the students’ voice to promote supportive learning environments and our school values – Ready,  Respectful and Resilient.


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