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Derrick Xie

BINUS has given me a plethora of knowledge and priceless experiences. I’m very glad that our school has a Student Council in Elementary, as not every school has it. I was given the chance to join the Leadership Camp that helped me grow as a leader and we, the officers and honorary members, really bonded as a team. I am very thankful for the opportunity to share my experiences as a global citizen at the BeeTalk and most importantly, I was able to encourage my friends to become agents of change, doing small, but consistent positive changes. As Student Council Officers, we’re involved in open houses and also speaking in public. It gave me the courage and confidence to evolve as a leader. Moreover, I learnt that I need to view things from everyone’s perspectives. This helped me improve my communication and critical thinking skills. I love the intelligent conversations and problem solving meetings among my friends & teachers. In BINUS, we have some really cool teachers who make the lessons interesting and make you want to work hard and achieve. They are always ready with innovative ideas in creating many activities for their students. I believe  that BINUS stands out from other schools because of its innovative and original ways in teaching as well as its character development activities for the students. Derrick Xie Student Council President AY 2019/2020 & 2020/2021

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BINUS SCHOOL Semarang | First Days of School for BINUSIAN

18 May 2022
Hi, BINUSIAN Semarang! Terima kasih telah menjadi bagian dari Future of Schools. Untuk mempersiapkan First Days of School di tanggal 18 Juli 2022, BINUS Store siap melayani pembelian Seragam & Alat Tulis yang akan digunakan untuk kegiatan belajar untuk siswa siswi angkatan 2022/2023. Informasi yang perlu diperhatikan: - Seragam WAJIB digunakan pada hari Senin - Kamis dengan sepatu berwarna hitam. - Vest/Blazer WAJIB digunakan pada saat Assembly maupun event sekolah lainnya. - Pada hari Jumat WAJIB mengenakan kemeja batik berkancing dengan celana panjang. Mohon hadir sesuai waktu yang telah ditentukan.   Hi, BINUSIAN Semarang! We encourage you to find the text book on this link below: Textbook Self Order Academic Years 2022/2023: ECY 1: https://bit.ly/bookecy1 ECY 2: https://bit.ly/bookecy2 ECY 3: https://bit.ly/bookecy3 EL 1: https://bit.ly/bookel1 EL 2: https://bit.ly/bookel2 MS 7: https://bit.ly/bookms7 HS 10 : https://bit.ly/bookhs10 More information, please contact our Marketing & Admissions Team. Thank you for your attention!  
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Road to BINUS SCHOOL Semarang Grand Launching

BINUS SCHOOL Semarang | Welcome to Outdoor Playground!

BINUS SCHOOL Semarang | 7 Things about Middle & High School

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