Irena Juwono – Parent of Jovan HS 10 & PSG Chairperson Academic Year 2022/2023

Mengapa saya memilih BINUS SCHOOL Semarang? Tentunya, reputasi sekolah adalah alasan utama saya. Sejak saya SMA, BINUS sudah terkenal. BINUS berhasil mempertahankan kualitas pendidikannya dan terus berkembang. Saya merasa BINUS SCHOOL telah memilih kepala sekolah & guru-guru yang berpengalaman. Besar harapan saya, BINUS SCHOOL Semarang dapat menjalankan visi-misinya untuk mendidik anak saya menjadi individu yang kuat, berwawasan luas dan membina kepemimpinan anak dengan penuh welas asih. Rekam jejak sebuah sekolah akan menentukan masa depan anak kita.
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Gabriella Angelia Soemitha – Parent of Cassie ECY 2

I believe, that my childrens's future is build since their early stage of school life, and according to me chosing binus as her school is one of those important essential start. Me and my husband ourself was one of those pionneer students at our highschool, and according to us becoming pioneer student is both challenging and exciting. Challenging because we have to prove the world that we are more than what everyone expected, exciting because most of the time we have those define connection with teachers and everybody in the school and this experience is precious especially for the children. Everything is good, everything is wonderfull, and its like speaking out " Hello Semarang, now there are binusians and we are ready to fight , improve and compete to be the best".
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Denise Didi Prasetyo – High School 10

Choosing BINUS is a decision that I don't regret. I chose to continue my high school at BINUS SCHOOL because of what it offers and promises.  BINUS is a big name in the Indonesian world of education; so, I believe that studying here can help me achieve my dream of getting an overseas-university scholarship, something I can see from some of its alumni. With the great facilities that BINUS offers, I signed right away to be a BINUSIAN.Being one of the pioneers of this school is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I will never forget. I remember the second day of school when we planted a tree  which will grow and grow just like how my friends, the staff, BINUS SCHOOL Semarang itself, and I will develop and be successful in the future.Being part of the first batch of students of this school is an honor for me. I will never forget the ribbon cutting ceremony which signaled the opening of BINUS SCHOOL Semarang. It was a total blast and it inspired me to believe that here, my dreams could come true!
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Rayhaan Akther – High School 10

My parents and I chose BINUS SCHOOL Semarang because, first of all, it is the best school to invest in if you are willing to study hard.Studying here can also help you get into a good university and set yourself up for a good life. Another reason we chose BINUS SCHOOL was that we wanted an international school or, at least, a school that teaches English well. And also, we wanted a school where the values and the structures of discipline can help me get ready for the real world. I feel very proud that I am one of the few pioneer BINUSIANS. It is both an honour and a challenge to me to make sure that I leave a good legacy for those who will come after me. I feel very happy that I am able to be a part of this school because it gives me good hopes that I can do great in the future.
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Kenneth Nathan Sugiarto – Middle School 7

I like BINUS SCHOOL Semarang because of its advanced facilities and good teachers and staff.I also like the diversity of of the students' backgrounds. I am very proud to be a BINUSIAN because BINUS SCHOOL Semarang gives me the structures and opportunities to be a good student and  a better person. The first school day was really festive and exciting. I was really excited to meet my new teachers and classmates. Our principal, vice principal, and teachers were very enthusiastic to show us the facilities around the school. The tree that we planted together, as pioneer BINUSIANS, has a really special significance to me. To me, the tree symbolizes my classmates', the school's, and my own growth. We may begin small. But with the light that we can get from learning well and the generous sprinkling of friendship and care, we will grow!
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Derrick Xie

BINUS has given me a plethora of knowledge and priceless experiences. I’m very glad that our school has a Student Council in Elementary, as not every school has it. I was given the chance to join the Leadership Camp that helped me grow as a leader and we, the officers and honorary members, really bonded as a team. I am very thankful for the opportunity to share my experiences as a global citizen at the BeeTalk and most importantly, I was able to encourage my friends to become agents of change, doing small, but consistent positive changes. As Student Council Officers, we’re involved in open houses and also speaking in public. It gave me the courage and confidence to evolve as a leader. Moreover, I learnt that I need to view things from everyone’s perspectives. This helped me improve my communication and critical thinking skills. I love the intelligent conversations and problem solving meetings among my friends & teachers. In BINUS, we have some really cool teachers who make the lessons interesting and make you want to work hard and achieve. They are always ready with innovative ideas in creating many activities for their students. I believe  that BINUS stands out from other schools because of its innovative and original ways in teaching as well as its character development activities for the students. Derrick Xie Student Council President AY 2019/2020 & 2020/2021
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Nathalia Jap

I have 3 children and all of them have been in BINUS SCHOOL Serpong since their Elementary 1. My two oldest kids have graduated from BINUS Elementary a few years ago, and my youngest is currently in EL 6. From the beginning, we like BINUS because it has great & complete facilities to support the learning activities and  programmes for our children. BINUS teachers teach our children to be disciplined, to respect other people of other religions & to socialize well. They are happy and they feel comfortable at school. BINUS takes great pride in our children’s progress and consistently motivates them to do their best in everything they do. They learn to be more attentive, respectful, and take more initiative towards their friends and teachers. We thank BINUS for giving both academic & non-academic quality education, and for shaping our children to become persons with positive and strong characters. We believe that BINUS SCHOOL Serpong will be able to develop our children to be vibrant, innovative and visionary leaders of the future.   Ibu Nathalia Jap Chairperson of the Parent Support Group AY 2020/2021
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Mrs. Yulastin

My 2 boys have been studying here in BINUS SCHOOL Serpong for almost 6 years now. Kenji is now in grade 6 and Hiroshi is in grade 3.Since the beginning we believed that BINUS has a very strong system of education which will help my children in learning. And it is true. My boys learn about discipline and how to socialize with others in school. For both of them, school is their second home. They are so happy and they feel secured in school.We appreciate all supporting activities provided by the school. Our children learn through these various ways. Moreover, they practice how to care and respect others. We really thank BINUS for the learning experiences provided to our children and the progress in their character as well.Once again I thank BINUS for it has become our preferred choice for our children’s education .
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Alroy Syadavirya Soeparto

Binus School Serpong delivers a high standard of education which prepares me for my early year in college/university. Their teachers are passionate to teach and more than welcome to help me with my subject and any questions. I was active as Kart race driver during my Middle-School and High-School years. I have to say lots of thanks to Binus to always support me on my racing career in National and Asian Championship. With that, I was able to get a quality education and racing career at the same time Alroy Syadavirya Soeparto Finance Loyola Marymount University
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