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Review Orang Tua SD sekolah di BINUS SCHOOL Semarang
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Alana Malise Jade Haryanto – Class of 2026

My experience in BINUS SCHOOL Semarang has been great! When I first arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by the cleanliness of the outdoor environment, a feature that impresses me daily. The teachers are consistently friendly and approachable, treating all students with respect and offering readily available support. The school is well-managed ensuring a smooth and efficient operation across all aspects. All in all, BINUS SCHOOL Semarang provides an excellent educational experience! To my fellow students and future friends, I want to share a message of encouragement. BINUS SCHOOL Semarang might seem tough, but trust me, the journey is absolutely worth it. I remember a teacher who said, "Cambridge is the best of the best, and graduating from BINUS means you're among the best, too." So keep that fire burning, never lose hope, and stay strong! Believe me, the incredible rewards will make every challenge feel like a breeze. You've got this! 
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Raphael Santoso – Class of 2025

Overall, the experience has been great, although the curriculum and lessons are entirely new to me. Joining BINUS SCHOOL Semarang, a Cambridge School, allowed me to experience a rigorous, strict, and disciplined approach to education. So, I've got to keep putting in my dedicated effort so I can succeed in all its exams and assessments. Hey future students, just a heads up about BINUS SCHOOL. While the school is very supportive, it's not all just “chill and relax”. Be prepared for a bit of a challenge! But fear not! With dedication and effort, you’ll thrive! Take careful notes in class, study the stuff teachers give you, and focus on understanding the subjects, not just memorizing. Good luck! 
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Bryan Nanda Setia Irawan – Class of 2026

My experience here has been amazing, and my first thought was, "Wow, this school's facilities are excellent."   Without a doubt, everyone at BINUS SCHOOL Semarang, from staff to teachers, is a delight to be around. They're not just fun and funny, they're also incredibly friendly and supportive. Their positive and welcoming approach creates a pleasant and enjoyable environment for students. 
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Dominico Savio Adriyel Sumantri – Class of 2029

I am having a great time at BINUS SCHOOL Semarang! Learning something new every day and making awesome more friends. The teachers here are amazing. They offer great support! And the staff is consistently helpful. Thanks to their encouragement and assistance, I am helped to succeed in any academic or personal challenges I face! 
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Zefannya Aquast Nathania – Class of 2026

 I have experienced a lot of wonderful things at BINUS SCHOOL Semarang. I've learned a great deal in this school, not only academically but also socially, like how I relate with my friends. The students here come from diverse backgrounds, and I've gained valuable insights through conversations with them.  My experience in BINUS SCHOOL Semarang has been great! When I first arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by the cleanliness of the outdoor environment, a feature that impresses me daily. The teachers are consistently friendly and approachable, treating all students with respect and offering readily available support. The school is well-managed, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation across all aspects. All in all, BINUS SCHOOL Semarang provides an excellent educational experience!
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Michael Farren Prabawa – Class of 2025

I love attending school at BINUS SCHOOL Semarang for many reasons. BINUS is a very large institution with numerous connections to various large institutes. By enrolling in BINUS SCHOOL Semarang, I have expanded my social range and mobility, enabling me to forge connections with friends both within and outside of BINUS SCHOOL Semarang. At BINUS SCHOOL Semarang, I've seen in myself some real personal, social, and academic progress. My scores have been improving. I've made some great new friends. All these are thanks to the great support from the school and the commitment of its dedicated teachers. 
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Nathalia Jap

I have 3 children and all of them have been in BINUS SCHOOL Serpong since their Elementary 1. My two oldest kids have graduated from BINUS Elementary a few years ago, and my youngest is currently in EL 6. From the beginning, we like BINUS because it has great & complete facilities to support the learning activities and  programmes for our children. BINUS teachers teach our children to be disciplined, to respect other people of other religions & to socialize well. They are happy and they feel comfortable at school. BINUS takes great pride in our children’s progress and consistently motivates them to do their best in everything they do. They learn to be more attentive, respectful, and take more initiative towards their friends and teachers. We thank BINUS for giving both academic & non-academic quality education, and for shaping our children to become persons with positive and strong characters. We believe that BINUS SCHOOL Serpong will be able to develop our children to be vibrant, innovative and visionary leaders of the future.   Ibu Nathalia Jap Chairperson of the Parent Support Group AY 2020/2021
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Mrs. Yulastin

My 2 boys have been studying here in BINUS SCHOOL Serpong for almost 6 years now. Kenji is now in grade 6 and Hiroshi is in grade 3.Since the beginning we believed that BINUS has a very strong system of education which will help my children in learning. And it is true. My boys learn about discipline and how to socialize with others in school. For both of them, school is their second home. They are so happy and they feel secured in school.We appreciate all supporting activities provided by the school. Our children learn through these various ways. Moreover, they practice how to care and respect others. We really thank BINUS for the learning experiences provided to our children and the progress in their character as well.Once again I thank BINUS for it has become our preferred choice for our children’s education .
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