Alana Malise Jade Haryanto - Class of 2026

My experience in BINUS SCHOOL Semarang has been great! When I first arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by the cleanliness of the outdoor environment, a feature that impresses me daily. The teachers are consistently friendly and approachable, treating all students with respect and offering readily available support. The school is well-managed ensuring a smooth and efficient operation across all aspects. All in all, BINUS SCHOOL Semarang provides an excellent educational experience!

To my fellow students and future friends, I want to share a message of encouragement. BINUS SCHOOL Semarang might seem tough, but trust me, the journey is absolutely worth it. I remember a teacher who said, “Cambridge is the best of the best, and graduating from BINUS means you’re among the best, too.” So keep that fire burning, never lose hope, and stay strong! Believe me, the incredible rewards will make every challenge feel like a breeze. You’ve got this! 

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